Lake Plateau Backpack Trip: Lessons Learned

After a couple of weeks of reflection on my trip, I thought I’d list as many things as I can remember that I learned. The first few lessons didn’t require much reflection!!!

  1. Never, and I mean never, fly in from low elevation the night before and expect to be able to perform at 5000+ more feet elevation the next morning!!! Next time I’ll plan better and spend at least a day or two acclimatizing. Gingko biloba just ain’t enough.
  2. Train harder, i.e., climb more. It’s no substitute for being there, but I just didn’t push myself hard enough during training.
  3. hyrdate, Hydrate, HYDRATE!!! A liter and a half just isn’t enough for a 12 mile hike!!! I’ve got to take the time to stop at streams and reload my hydration bladder.
  4. Maybe a bigger lunch (more calories), or a mid morning snack.
  5. Don’t rush at the trailhead and use a checklist. I forgot: a canteen, duct tape, to synchronize camera clock with GPS clock (for geotagging), and to load my hydration bladder with water before getting to the trailhead.
  6. I don’t need very many filters for my lenses.
  7. A smaller camera like Doug’s Canon G11 would work as a backup, but also as a great camera during the hikes. I wouldn’t have to carry an “all-round lens for my D700.”
  8. A strap to carry my “torso camera pack” when it’s not hooked to my backpack. And, design a better carry my lenses when they are not in the backpack.
  9. Redesign how the “torso pack” to the backpack, i.e., make it more like the Kata bag rigging.
  10. Protect my fly rod!!!
  11. Better gloves for those cold mornings and hailstorms!!!

This is probably just a partial list. I’m sure I’ll think of a lot more things. I can’t wait to put my new knowledge to the test!

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