We’re On Our Way

Our day of departure started with great news: the temperature tomorrow morning in West Yellowstone could be as low as -30 deg F!!! Oh well! We may be able to get great “sun dogs” from all the ice crystals in the air. It will just be great to be in the Park again.

Snowy roads welcomed us when we all left for the airport. Claron’s shuttle ride from Rochester was slow, but uneventful. There was one accident on I-494 near the Minnesota River bridge, but fortunately in the west bound lane. Still, the ambulance heading to the scene caused a lot of slowing.

gear, Gear, GEAR!!! Do I have enough gear? I think I got everything I could possibly need, but boy did I have to do some creative packing. Fortunately, we are flying in the Embraer 175 that has reasonably sized overhead bins unlike the Canadair RJ. Still, I had to check 2 bags. I hope we can fit all our gear in the SUV when we get to Bozeman!!!

Well, we got to Bozeman and all our baggage arrived with us!!! We stopped at the REI store at picked up our snowshoes and some hand warmers. When we got out of our truck at the store there was Doug!!! What timing.

We headed straight to West Yellowstone via US 191 through the Gallatin River Valley and saw quite a bit of wild life. Three moose, several elk, and one bighorn sheep. No good place to stop for photos unfortunately.

Forecast is for extreme cold overnight with lows -28 deg F. Ouch.

3 Responses to “We’re On Our Way”

  1. Rose Kromschroeder Says:

    Wow Mom said you have tons of lugage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rose Kromschroeder Says:

    Cool!!!!!!!! I like then animals!!!! Mom said you have a lottttt of baggage.

  3. Randon Lund Says:

    Have agreat time. I am looking forward to the photographs!

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