YNP Photo Tour – Day One – The Deep Freeze

We woke up to a frigid, clear morning.  Minus 29 degrees F.  I just couldn’t imagine trying to go out for a sunrise shoot.  It didn’t stop Pete and Doug.  They headed to the Madison River bridge on US 191 just north of town.  Leave it to Doug to capture a stunning shot:

(c) Doug Roane Photography

Jake met us at 9 o’clock at the motel and we loaded up the coach for our first drive into the park.  Unfortunately, Claron was not feeling well and decided to stay in the motel for the day.  The rest of us piled into the coach and headed into the park.

We stopped at couple of spots along the Madison River.  First, to try to capture some of the landscapes and waterscapes.  Then, to photograph a herd of frost covered bison.

(c) M. Brian Hartz

We made a mad dash to Norris Geyser Basin to have lunch and get ready for our main shoot of the day.  The basin is the hottest and most acidic area of the park with two separate and distinct parts:  Porcelain and Back Basin.

Porcelain is a wide open treeless area with multiple fumeroles, springs, and pools.  The East Fork of Tantalas Creek flows though it.  Several of the little streams from the thermal features that feed into the creek have a bright green color from the thermo/acido-philic bacteria that live in the water.

(c) Peter Arneson

The Back Basin is home to Steamboat Geyser which is the largest geyser in the park.  It erupts massive (300-400 feet), but infrequently (last eruption was in May, 2005). The basin has many more tree. both living and dead.

The steam in the basins created the opportunities for many unique shots.

Our timing was not good.  We left Norris in hopes of finding a good spot for sunset, but in retrospect we probably should have stayed at Norris.  It was a cloudless sky, so we probably didn’t miss too much.

The evening was spent rehashing the day at the bar and then off to work on photos and a sharing/critique session.

The forecast for tomorrow:  minus 44 deg F!!!  Even colder than today.  Fortunately, the high is supposed to be in the upper teens.

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