YNP Photo Tour – Day Three – A Wild Adventure

Our day started hectically as we tried to get to West Geyser Basin before sunrise.  Since we were also planning on staying the whole day outside the Old Faithful area, we wanted breakfast and lunch, but the box lunches we order the night before were late, but we did get a good buffet breakfast to go.  And, fortunately, the temp was only about -20 deg F.

As we came around the the curve on the descent to West Thumb, we could see very few clouds in the sky.  However, the micro-climate hanging over and around the geyser basin was impressive.  There were clouds of steam everywhere.  We ended up staying at the basin for almost 3 hours as the subject material was infinite, especially as the light changed with the rising sun.

Our journey continued along the road to the Fishing Bridge and then north to the Hayden Valley.  We saw a section of the Yellowstone River at the Lehardy Rapids that looked very interesting, so we snowshoed from the road down to the river’s edge.  The perspective to see the rapid well was not as good as we like, but I did find a few interesting shots.

On our way back to the snowcoach we happened upon a couple of feeding otters.

Our encounters with wildlife continued as we continued north on the road through the valley.  First, a pair of coyotes.

Then, a hunting red fox.

A flock of feeding Trumpeter swans.

At the lookout pullout on the road to Dunraven Pass was a beautiful panorama of the Absaroka Range, Red Mountain, and the Tetons.

We stopped at the Crittenden Bridge for a look at the rapids and the ice formations.

Finally, a stop at Alum Creek for sunset.

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