YNP Photo Tour – Day Four – Old Faithful and the Road to West

As Claron says photographers and fisherman have to be eternal optimists.  W e got up early again hoping for a beautiful sunrise. We drove down to Biscuit Basin in a fairly overcast sky.  Oh, well…

The light remained very flat for most of the morning as we slowly hiked the trail from Biscuit Basin back to Old Faithful and the Snow Lodge. The soft, low contrast light made it a little difficult for me since (as you have obviously noticed) I like high contrast scenes. I really had to use my imagination.

After we checked out of the Snow Lodge, our goal was to head towards Gibbon Falls and see if we could find the vantage point where I had captured my favorite photo in the Park:

Along the way we found a couple of interesting scenes at Midway Geyser Basin,

and Tangled Creek.

Once we reached Gibbon Falls, we stopped at the lower pullout and found a very similar spot, but it still seems a little different. The “original” seems to be at a lower angle than this place.

Sunset was not going to be an option, so we decided to head directly back to West Yellowstone (stopping for any thing interesting, of course).

We did see one of the most unusual things (sorry no photos) along the Madison River: a coyote fishing!!! I’ve never heard of that before.

We also saw the big elk buck again along the far shore of the Madison and we tried to snowshoe into the river. It was tough going. The extremely cold and dry weather had sublimated the snow and turned it very granular. It would not support our weight well, even with snowshoes, especially near trees.

I eventually made it to the treeline, but spooked the buck soon after wards. I did try a couple of hand held shots.

We bid farewell to Jake at the hotel. He did a great job for us and we hope to come back to have him take us again.

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